Hamlets and castles in Romagna

Ideas and sparks to let you spend an unusual day during your holidays in Cattolica.

Suggested to: couples and families

Locality: Gradara

For our guests: the touristic train from Cattolica to Gradara stops exactly near the Hotel Caesar and you can buy the tickets directly on board.


Gradara is a small Medieval town with around 5 thousand inhabitants and it is located in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. Gradara is the most visited town of the Marche, situated 142 meters above the sea level and from the town you can see a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding valley.

In 2018, Gradara won the Italian recognition “The village of the villages”. This award was proclaimed on the RAI 3 TV channel during the Kilimangiaro program.

You can reach Gradara by the sightseeing train, which connects the main areas of Cattolica with the bordering towns: Gradara and Gabicce.

What can you visit?

The Castle of Gradara

It is an historical castle, a Medieval fortress, with a torture room. Inside the castle there is a range of frescoed rooms with furniture and weapons of various eras. There is also the room of Paolo and Francesca where the tragic love of the couple, described by Dante in the Divine Comedy, finished.
Right now, the Castle of Gradara is under renovation, however it is partly open to visitors.
We recommend reserving the visit with a tourist guide for adults.
You can also book a visit with a jester for kids: before visiting the castle, all the kids will be nicely captivated by a jester who tells some stories.

The Clokc Door

At the entrance of the town there is the Clock Door which, together with the Clock Tower, is part of the majestic city walls full of crenellated little towers.

The Patrol Walkways

The patrol walkways are part of the city walls. They date back to 1300 and they were used by patrols during the supervision of the village.
You shouldn’t miss the stroll on the walkways, because there you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the valley and of the sea.
You can also buy a cumulative ticket: Castle + Walkways.

The Church of San Giovanni Battista

The Church of San Giovanni Battista has a façade which dates back to 300.
Inside the church you can observe the fresco of the Evangelists and a wood crucifix, which represents various expressions of Christ, seen from different perspectives.

The Caverns

It concerns 16 underground ancient caverns, made by underground excavated tunnels. These tunnels were created as places for secret meetings. They were also used as a way out if the Castle was in danger.
From the museum you can visit only one cavern.

The Historical Museum

The historical museum in Gradara contains a unique and interesting collection of ancient objects and historical documents.
In the museum you can also find handmade miniaturized manger scenes, which represent the Nativity.

The Air Theater

The air theater, with its birds of prey show, puts kid and adults in contact with the falconry art.
The performance with owls, hawks and barn owls exhorts people to respect the predatory world. These animals belong to the protected and endangered species.
The location in the park is amazing and the falconer gives smatterings about the birds of prey.
Kids are enthusiastic about it.

The Magic Castle in Gradara

“The Magic Castle” is a festival made of art, fairy tales, shows and theatre.
The roads, the squares and the village are its setting.
It is an open air show, where you can find dragons, elves, sprites, tightrope walkers, fire eaters, etc. and it occurs during the first week of August.

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