Acquario di Cattolica, do you want to try the “Family Experience Park”?

If you want to recharge yourself with adventure and amusement, come here in Romagna

Suggested to: families and young people

Locality: Cattolica

For our guests: you can ask information about tickets to the Hotel Caesar personnel.

The Costa Edutainment group with its amusement parks (Acquario di Cattolica, Aquafan, Oltremare and Italia in Miniatura) proposes to the tourists the “Family Experience Park”. At our Hotel you can find the tickets for the parks upon request. The tickets have facilitated rates and online you can buy combined tickets for 2 parks, starting at € 33,00.

The Acquario “Le Navi” in Cattolica is the biggest aquarium of the Adriatic Sea and it is the second aquarium in Italy, after the Acquario di Genova. It was inaugurated in 2000 and it is made up of 4 pavilions. It was created during the renovation of an old marine settlement of the 30s. Today, inside the aquarium you can have extraordinary encounters with thousands of marine animals. The indoor itinerary: 100 exhibition tanks and 3.000 specimens.

The visit in the aquarium is divided into 4 itineraries: blue, yellow, green and purple.
The blue itinerary tells you the story of the Planet Earth and its evolution.Il percorso Through the yellow itinerary you can discover the watercourses with caiman puppies and otters inside.
In the green itinerary you can discover the world of nature with its insects and reptiles.
The purple itinerary allows you to listen and see the Mediterranean and tropical species, which communicate with each other through their sounds. Through the footprints of the “Emperor Penguins”, this itinerary brings you to the South Pole and allows you to discover the life of this species.

Thanks to its educational importance, schools often propose the visit of this park by promoting and spreading the respect of the sea environment.

Kids love to call the various animals by their personal names:
The Humoldt PENGUINS are ALOO, KEEMA and MASALA, this kind of penguin is an endangered species hailing from the moderate coasts of Peru and Chile. The OTTERS are three sisters, called EVA, COSTANZA and MARTA and they are playful mammals which live in the swamps of mangroves and in the swamps area of freshwater. The BULL SHARKS BRIGITTE, SFRANGY and the whole family are the largest sharks in Italy and they live together with the NURSE SHARKS. In the touch pool you can find the WHIPTAIL STINGRAYS: they are flat sharks and the kids can stroke, but they have to pay attention to their mouth and tail, because these animals have a poisonous spine at the extremity of their tail, which is used for self-defense.

In the range of the itineraries there is also the DWARF CAIMAN of CUVIER, which is the smallest alligator in the world but it is also the most dangerous hailing from South America, where it lives in the flooded forests and in the ponds.

JELLYFISHES have stinging tentacles and 90% of their body is made up of water. MORAYS are similar to snakes, they have long and sharp teeth and they live among the rocks. The LEOPARD GECO is the funniest among reptiles, the “DART” FROG has poison inside him and it was used by the American indigenous to dip the tips of their blow darts. There is also BOA CONSTRICTOR, which grinds its preys and then swallows them.

Inside the aquarium you can live your “Family Experience Park”: the PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARI for the kids with a guide, VOICES FROM THE SEA: there is an expert who explains the barrier reef to the kids during an immersion, the SECRETS OF THE REPTILE HOUSE: it is a face to face experience with the world of reptiles, BEHIND THE SCENES: it is an itinerary alongside the experts, to better know the work of the biologists and the instructors, ATTENDING THE MEALS of the penguins, the whiptail stingrays, the otters and the sharks, ONE NIGHT WITH THE SHARKS: these are prearranged days upon reservation in which you can sleep in front of the shark tank.

If you want to download the map of the park you can go on

For those who would like to consume the meal inside the park, we recommend the self-service Restaurant “PESCE AZZURRO”, where you can have lunch or dinner at the fixed price of € 13,00, with a complete menu.
Meals hours: the lunch from 12:00 am to 02:00 pm and the dinner from 07:30 pm to 10:00 pm

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